Max Persson started making Swedish bagpipes (Säckpipa) in 1998 and have continued to innovate and improve the instrument since. Resulting in a stable, easy to play instrument in multiple different keys. His bagpipes are made from his own design and measurements, an evolution based on the traditional Swedish bagpipe design.

With the use of modern materials and work techniques, Max created a very stable carbon fiber reed balancing function and sound to reach the expressful and natural sound of the Swedish bagpipe.

Max is also building border pipes. The instrument has a reach of 1½ octave and an almost chromatic scale. These pipes also comes with a well balanced synthetic reed and can be made with bellows or as mouth-blown.

All instruments are handmade and crafted to fit the customer’s needs, satisfying the requirements of both beginners and professional musicians.



Modern Reeds

With a focus on tonal quality, stability and the traditional Swedish sound.

Something most bagpipers recognise is the amount of time spent tuning the reed. The traditional reed, made out of cane, reacts to moisture and can easily fall out of pitch, forcing you to adjust and re-tune. In 2004, Max set out to find a better, more stable chanter reed solution. What he created was a well balanced reed, made out of hard plastic and carbon fiber. It withstands moisture far better then the organic predecessor, with very little loss of its traditional sound.

The chanter reed can be fine-tuned with a tuning slide in the back of the tube/body, making the pitch change very easy.


High Quality Materials

My wood suppliers are in accordance with CITES regulations regarding endangered tree species. I chiefly use locally sourced, air dried woods, among which are plum wood, cherry tree, pear wood and Swedish whitebeam. More exclusive wood options available are among others curly birch, golden chain tree, boxwood, African blackwood and Mopane. Please feel free to contact me with any special order requests.
All woodwork is internally sealed to prevent any possible pores, and then externally treated with linseed oil and wax.
For detail work I use imitation tusk and bone, exclusive wood, bronze and brass.
The bags are made with vegetable-tanned Swedish leather and are sewn with thick braided nylon thread. Vegetable-tanning is a process free from any harmful chemicals, better for you and the environment!