Swedish Bagpipe

The Swedish bagpipe Max has developed is based on the traditional Säckpipa design. His improvements resulted in a easier to play and easy to take care of instrument.

You can find a finger chart here 


A socket mount inside the bag’s neck, enables you to switch between chanters. This gives you the option to use two chanters in different keys within the same bag. (Or three, depending on the drone setup). The reeds have their own cap making them fully protected from this features added movement. The updated shape of the chanter-stock also enhances the sound and scale.




Synthetic reeds crafted from carbon fiber and hard plastic. Created to withstand moisture far better than a regular cane reed and with minimal loss of its traditional sound. The chanter reed can be fine-tuned with a tuning slide in the back of the tube/body, making the pitch easy to change.

Drone reeds are made of hard plastic with a tongue of softer polystyrene plastic. The drone-stock is hollow and has a resonance chamber, inspired by Uilleannpipes, which provide a more stable and interesting sound.



When tuning the tonic, instead of using beeswax or a rubber band, the bell-part of the chanter can be rotated to cover the tone hole from the inside. This allows the player to more easily tune the lower tonic to match the chanter with the drones.





The guages of the chanter are slightly convex with rounded edges allowing more control which makes it easier to perform advanced techniques such as glissando.




The blowpipe will have a long service life, with durable brass passing through the entire tube, in addition to a hard plastic mouthpiece. The check valve is made of rubber making it very air tight.




All wooden details are externally treated with linseed oil and wax. Internally, they are sealed with a glue mixture as well as treated with linseed oil for increased stability across the whole instrument.




The bag is sewn with thick, braided, waxed synthetic thread. All leather used for the bags is a locally sourced Swedish cowhide, completely free of chemicals since it is vegetable tanned.The seam consists of five layers of leather for durability and long bag life.

The bag is sealed but can still breath helping to prevent problems with trapped moisture. It’s recommend to remove the blowpipe after longer sessions to allow the bag to be aired.